The reality of dynamic marketing requires a smart, efficient, and flexible approach that will get the most out of your marketing budgets. We at ORGCINEMA specialize in the most advanced technologies that allow us to build a variety of smart digital assets for our customers that will form the basis for a variety of effective marketing activities.

Digital Assets

In the first stage we “produce” the product online – take the manufacturing files
of the product and turn them into a hyper-realistic 3D model at the highest level.
This is the most basic and important digital asset and we can derive countless marketing products from it.


Once we have created the basic digital assets, we can produce a variety
of marketing materials for immediate use in all the company’s marketing channels.

Immediate Innovative Visibility

We will prepare stunning static images and short animated shots that expose the products,
short videos to convey a catchy marketing message and even interactive displays.
Such materials are easy and cheap to produce and can be used immediately
as a basis for posts on social networks, emails, business presentations,
and for upgrading the company’s website.

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In order to strengthen the innovative long-term visibility, we will use
the digital assets to produce more complex products that will cover the entire content funnel throughout the customer journey. This activity is built over time and in accordance with annual marketing budgets.

Long Term Innovative Visibility

We will prepare spectacular product awareness videos for the edge of the marketing funnel, explanatory videos about the technology, how-to videos for customer service and an interactive showroom of the product on the site. These long-term products can be used in virtual exhibitions and sales meetings and distance presentations.

The new normal requires companies to strengthen online marketing activities
in order to reach target audiences in an efficient and innovative.
We at ORGCINEMA will help you express your innovation better,
stand out from your competitors and thrive.

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