Animated Videos

Animated videos are a fantastic way of explaining things and communicating messages – from how a product operates and what its advantages are to how a service you provide meets a specific, actual need – or anything else for that matter that you would like articulated. Animation offers a virtually infinite range of possibilities. You can make anything from basic to uniquely-designed videos, using sophisticated 2D or 3D animation. There’s nothing that can’t be done in animation. It all boils down to budget. We can make spot-on animated videos at all levels and budgets. We will teach you all about the subject, formulate a creative concept and write a detailed script, with voice-over recordings where necessary. We’ll take on all design aspects, create a storyboard to illustrate whether we are in fact visualising the content correctly, animate the whole thing and finally, mix your video where sound effects and music will be added to complement and enhance the end result. Call us for a free consult. Who knows, you may end up walking away with a pretty great video.
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