About Us

In a heavily content-driven digital world, videos and animation have become the favoured, most effective way of getting your target demographic’s attention, instilling in them a feeling of value, communicating messages, cultivating long-term commitment, and driving them to action. Videos and animation clips provide an audience with an unmediated experience which helps them form a close, strong bond with you.
Organizations and companies that have caught onto the immense growth potential videos and animation clips offer, have taken to using them across the board in all their organizational activities with commercials, ads, marketing campaigns, training tutorials, and so on.
We, at ORGCINEMA, have spent over 15 years specializing in the production of effective, target-hitting videos and animation clips for a wide range of companies and organizations, locally and internationally. We have struck up successful collaborations with startup companies, tech, finance, energy and industrial firms, government agencies, local authorities, third-sector organizations and so on.
Our clients reach to us when they decide to commission a promotional video, product video, or whenever they’d like to introduce a new service or project, in the knowledge that the videos we produce for them will get the job done and achieve the desired results. (how do our clients feel about us?)